How to split screen on two monitors

Increasing the amount of work area you have accessible on your computer by dividing the desktop into two monitors is a common practice. If you have two monitors, you can have a full-screen Internet browser and a word processing application both open and running at the same time, giving you the ability to examine both of them at the same time. Windows makes it simple, with only a few adjustments to the settings, for you to divide the screen so that it appears on both of your displays at the same time. After it has been set up, you will have the ability to adjust the sequence in which the monitors are displayed and customize your display in a variety of other ways.

Step 1

Connect your second monitor to your computer using the spare graphics card port. If you don't have a spare port, you will not be able to split your screen over two monitors. Turn on your computer once it is connected. 

Step 2

Click "Start," then "Control Panel," then scroll down to the "Appearance and Personalization" settings. Click "Adjust screen resolution."

Step 3

Click the "Multiple displays" drop-down menu and click "Extend these displays."

Step 4

Click and drag the monitors (named "1" and "2") left or right to rearrange your display.

Step 5

Click "Apply," and then "OK" to save changes.

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Things To Do Before Splitting Screen


First, before we get into how to split the screen, let's talk about how to properly set up your monitors so that there won't be any problems when we do get into how to split the screen. Because the majority of the time, we do not connect monitors with computers in the appropriate manner, which causes issues.

Ensure The Connection

First, ensure that your PC has at least two HDMI outputs. It’s essential to ensure that your PC has correct connections and can support two monitors at a time. Few PCs have four connections, among which one is HDMI output while the other three are DisplayPort outputs. Just confirm that your PC has two connections to display data on two different monitors. 


Connect Monitors With PC 

Now it’s time to connect both monitors with your PC to create a final setup. For this, take a universal HDMI cable. First, ensure which one is the monitor’s input connection and the PC output connection. Then connect the one end of the HDMI cable with the monitor’s input connection while the other end to the PC’s output connection. Your PC’s window will automatically detect it by considering it as the main screen because it’s the first monitor. 

Now do the same process with the second monitor by connecting the HDMI cable with the monitor’s input connection while the PC’s output connection. 

Laptop Connection 

If you want to set up two screens on your laptop, it’s essential to know that the laptop screen will be considered screen 1 while the other monitor screen will be screen 2. In this, you have to connect the second screen to your laptop with an HDMI cable.



Split Screen On Two Monitors On Different Windows


Split Screen On Windows 7,8, And 9

To split-screen on Windows 7, 8, and 9, follow the following steps; 

  • First, right-click on an empty space on the Windows desktop. Select the screen resolution from the open bar. 

  • Next, click on the ‘multiple display’ option or project to the second screen option.  Then click on extend these screens, and your screen will be split into two different monitors. 

You can do this same process by clicking the Window + P key together to switch on the extended display feature. 

If you want to view the same thing to others through your PC, click on the Duplicate these displays. It will help you show the others the same thing you are viewing on your screen. This is more helpful on the projector while giving a presentation to your staff. 

Split Screen On Window 10

When you are done with connecting both monitors to your PC, then follow the following steps to split screen on them; 

  • Right-click on the empty space, after which a drop-down bar will appear from where click on the Display Setting. 

  • Now scroll down to find the multiple display option. Once you have found it, click on the drop-down option and choose one of the following steps you want to do with your screens. You will find the following options there; 

First, you will see Extend These Display option through which you can split-screen on both monitors. You can open different things on both screens. 

Next comes the Duplicate These Displays option, allowing you to share the same screen on two different monitors. This option is used widely to demonstrate something to your lectures, give presentations, or on the projectors.

At last, there are two options for only one screen. One is Show Only On 1, which allows you to show the image on the original screen, while the second one is Show Only On 2, which allows you to see the image on only screen 2. 

  • After picking your desired option according to your need, click on the Keep Changes option. 

  • If you select the Extend These Display option, then go to rearrange your screen to arrange them according to your choice by selecting screen 1 and screen 2. At last, click on the apply button. 

Split Screen On Window 11 

If you want to split the screen into two monitors on Windows 11, then follow the following steps; 

  • Right-click on the empty space on the window display, and click on the Display Setting on the drop-down bar that appears after the first click. 

  • Now click on the Drop Down Menu present next to the Identify option on the right side of the window. 

  • Select Extend These Displays from the drop-down menu to split your screen. 

  • You can also select Duplicate These Display to see the same image on both monitors. 

  • The option of showing the image on only one screen is also available, so it’s up to you which one you choose. 


How To Split Screen On Two Monitors On A Mac?


If you want to connect two monitors to a Mac, set the connections, then move to settings. Connect the monitor with your Mac. If Mac doesn’t have an HDMI port, use a USB hub for this purpose. Once both devices are connected, Mac will detect the monitor right away. Now follow the following steps to split screen on the monitor on a Mac; 

  • First, go to System Preference App and click on the Apple Logo. Once the window opens then, click on the Displays. 

  • New windows will open in both the original and recently connected device. Prefer to use the window open on the original device as it has more options. 

  • Then click on the Arrangements. If you want to use the same image on both screens, click on the Mirror Display. Otherwise, don’t click on this option if you want to use each screen for different purposes. 

  • At last, bring both blue boxes together to match the arrangement. The blue box with a white border at the top will be the main monitor.


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